Escorts in Italy

When you decide to select escorts in Italy for your special occasion, you will certainly be spoilt for choice. There are hundreds of options available to you – from the most glitzy, Hollywood-style glamour-seekers to the traditional, country-fried, down-to-earth, and very romantic Italian ladies who prefer to lead on their men. However, if you want a truly authentic escort, you need to take the time and seek out someone that has the real thing. Some of the most popular escorts in Italy can be found below.

Mafia wars can be a very dangerous business in many parts of the world; however, Italy is not exempt from them. Certainly, there is a different mafia war between the La Cosa Nostra and the Gambini crime families, but even the local Sicilian gangs have become enemies of the Italian government in recent years. In any event, there are now more than two hundred different criminal gangs operating in the Italy countryside. The La Cosa Nostra is believed to be behind many of the murders that took place during the so called “izza wars” of the late 1990’s. With this mafia war still raging, many women in Italy have started to advertise their services as a stripper or a prostitute.

One of the most common choices for the most famous and well-known women in Italy is Maria Angelina. Known for her beauty and her talent as an actress, Maria Angelina also has the credentials of being a well-educated woman and a highly skilled escort. She currently appears on the television show “La Boce di Rome”, which is shown in Italy. Her other credits include the movie “Aida” as well as numerous theatre productions. If you are looking for a sophisticated, and beautiful woman to escort, you may want to consider using the services of Maria Angelina.

Another choice for a woman who provides sexual services in Italy is Valentina. Valentina is the wife of a well-known football coach. She is also known for her elegant clothing, sophisticated attitude, and her ability to please her clients. There are even times when she has been featured in the Italian fashion magazines.

For those who are looking for non-full service escort services in Italy, there are options such as Flavia, Luana, and Giancarlo. Flavia is married but still manages to attract a great number of men because of the way she looks and the way she responds to their sexual activities. Luana is another good alternative for full-service escorts in Italy since she is smart, sexy, and extremely attractive.

Another choice for an Italian escort is Giancarlo. Giancarlo is well known as a masseuse and masseur who also provide sexual services to his clients. He is popular with some of the most high class people in Italy and he knows how to please them. The most popular Italian escort is Valentina. Her services are very common, and more women are seeking out the services of a professional like Valentina. Her beautiful looks, sultry demeanor, and skillful skills make her one of the most popular and sought after escorts in Italy today.