Having Sex for the First Time: Do’s and Don’ts

If you are a virgin at 18 or 20 or even 22, don’t worry you are not alone. Sex can be a huge thing to go through for most people, especially introverts. It is something that everyone goes through in life. It is an essential part of life. The basic animalistic desire to find a mate is to have sex. All your teen years spent masturbating in your room is not about to help you, unless you have been practicing what they do in pornography. You need to understand that it surely won’t be anything like what you have seen in porn. It is undoubtedly normal to be nervous. Most first timers face the same kind of anxiousness and ‘butterflies in the stomach’ situation. You should try and make your first time pleasant and memorable, here are some tips to help you out:


  1. Try and make yourself and your partner comfortable around each other. Sex is not just penetrating each other and thrusting until you orgasm; foreplay is an essential part of the entire experience. Kiss, hug and caress each other in ways that you enjoy. Try and do everything to turn each other on. Light some candles, put on some soothing, sexy music, set the mood. Do not feel awkward or uncomfortable. It is because some of the Birmingham escorts have said that first-timers are really hard to handle.
  2. Choose the spot very carefully. Take your time and decide on a comfortable place and time to do it. It should be a spot where you will have lots of time before, and after sex, somewhere you two won’t be disturbed and interrupted.
  3. Do not succumb to social pressure or compulsion from your partner; make sure you are ready to have sex. Make sure it is with someone you care about dearly. Sex is better when it is with someone you love. You will feel more connected and will enjoy more.
  4. If you are a woman, then make sure you are well lubricated before penetration; the human body does that naturally if you are aroused. So it is important to take time and work on foreplay before the penis goes in the vagina. If you are a man, then make sure you put on a condom and lubricate it well.
  5. Pay attention to your partner’s requests; communication is key.


  1. Do not forget contraception, because it is entirely possible for you to get pregnant even if it is your first time. Use condoms and use birth control pills.
  2. Don’t go through with the sex if you are drunk. While a little bit of alcohol can help you break the ice, too much of it can impair your judgment. You don’t want to forget your first time and have regretted the next morning, do you?
  3. Don’t have very high expectations for your first time. It is not going to like in pornography or in movies.

Sex is like wine. It gets better in time. It builds as you get to know what the person wants and doesn’t like. Don’t fret if it doesn’t go as you thought; it’s just the beginning.